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At bluebird bio, we’re passionate about helping people impacted by sickle cell.

We believe changing the perception of sickle cell can help the community gain the recognition and respect it deserves.

Our approach to care is radical, personal, and purposeful. We’re pioneering advanced therapies with a deep sense of purpose— with the goal of people being able to live their lives fully, regardless of what’s written in their DNA.

We believe that the only way to achieve our goals in treating sickle cell is to help the sickle cell community achieve theirs. We know we must ask questions and not make assumptions before we can develop solutions.

We understand it’s essential to listen to those living with sickle cell, as well as caregivers, and patient advocacy organizations so that we can bring awareness to all the complexities involved with sickle cell.

The word “spark” denotes energy, a catalyst, inspiring the start of something that spreads. It is upbeat, active, warm, and beautiful. Most of all, it says that the power of transformation lives within the individual. Everyone together can be the “spark” for change.

Be the Spark Photography

Photo of Dana Scruggs, photographer

Dana Scruggs

Dana is from the Southside of Chicago but has been living and working in New York since 2013. A few years later, Dana launched SCRUGGS Magazine, a print publication dedicated to her vision of the male form. In the spring of 2018, Dana was the first Black female photographer to shoot an athlete for ESPN's The Body Issue. Dana continued to break down barriers when, in November of 2018, she became the first Black person to photograph the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in its 50-year history.

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